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Retail Circuit   Map of the Retail Circuit

Developing the city’s retail circuit

Although Leicester offers a good shopping experience, some areas of the city centre have much higher footfall than others. To even out footfall, a stronger retail ‘circuit’ is planned. This would create 100,000 square metres of new retail and leisure space. It will include the proposed extension of The Shires shopping centre and the extension of New Walk, which will link the city centre with the newly developed waterfront.

1 The Shires Shopping Centre  
2 The Shires Shopping Centre Extension  
3 Retail Circuit  
4 Link to waterside  
5 The Haymarket Shopping centre
6 Clock tower  
Office Core
Science and Technology
The Retail Circuit
A New Community
The Waterside
7 The Lanes  
8 Market Square  
9 Area of search for additional anchor retail scheme  
10 New Walk