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Science and Technology

Site clearance completed!

Leicester is home to two universities carrying out world-class research. The lack of high technology jobs means that students don’t stay in the city following graduation. The eight hectare Science and Technology Park, in a beautiful riverside setting next to Leicester’s National Space Centre, will retain these graduates and help sustain the local economy.

Leicester’s two universities offer world-class expertise in biotechnology, medicine, space science, design and engineering. However, this is not fully harnessed to benefit the city’s economy. A science and technology park around the flagship National Space Centre (NSC) would create high quality jobs for graduates and encourage them to remain in the city.

The project (2002 masterplan)
The masterplan proposed Abbey Meadows for this project because, while there was no available site adjoining either university, this area offered a beautiful tree-lined riverside setting, centred on the NSC, with good access into and out of Leicester. Much of the site is currently under-performing, with derelict or under-used land.

Across the river, the declining industrial area of Wolsey Island, a triangle bounded by the river, the canal, and Abbey Park, will provide a superb residential setting.

Masterplan of Abbey Meadows


Diagram 2

The Development Framework
Prepared by BDP, the Framework adjusted the land use proposals to place the 8-hectare Science Park west of the river, with two main components: innovation units and follow-on units on a former school site to the north of the NSC, with serviced plots for end-users on Abbey Meadows West south-west of the NSC, combined with a new access road from the A6 and housing to the south. Housing is indicated on Wolsey Island and the adjacent BUSM site, with new pedestrian river bridges connecting all parts of the area.

The Framework has been amended and adopted by LRC and its partners, following public consultation, and LCC is preparing Supplementary Planning Guidance.


Progress and Programme
Clearance on both sites began last year and has been completed. Outline planning permission has been granted for the first phase of the park.

Progress to date: Science & Technology Park

  • The two component sites have both been cleared
  • LRC has assisted the City Council to select a developer for the scheme. Creswell Estates will develop the scheme illustrated here, which will produce 12,000 sq m of innovation and follow-on units on the former John Ellis School site. A development agreement is being negotiated, aiming at a site start early in 2007.
  • A project to provide 3 hectares of serviced plots for science-based companies, with a new access road from the A6 plus housing and commercial development is under negotiation between a private land owner and our partner emda for a site start this year. Site clearance is completed and an outline planning application has been submitted.

    Science Park

    Science Park

    Science Park


    Progress to date: Wolsey Island
    • 3 major planning permissions granted
    • Working with English Partnerships an agreement has been reached on relocating the bus depot, freeing a two hectare site, and work has started on a replacement bus depot.
    • Site clearance for the housing scheme has been completed.
    • Planning application submitted for site on the north end of the peninsula by Sock Island Developments
    • LRC is working with landowners on a detailed joint plan
    • Major change is expected over the next two years

    For details on the Science and Technology Park, contact Stanislav Andryszewski
    on or e-mail

    Or for details on Wolsey Island, contact Dominic Browne
    on or e-mail



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