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A New Community

Framework done, developer interest mounting
This project will bring a new lease of life to the Lee Circle area, with around 1,700 new homes and local facilities, and a widened range of house types. One 68-unit private apartment development has been completed and there is strong housing association and private developer interest in others.


The apartment-based residential market in central Leicester is flourishing, but there has not been any significant new housing of other types. To introduce balance and diversity, to offer choice, and to encourage sustainability, a New Community is proposed in northern St George’s. This is an area very close to the city’s core, but dominated by poor-quality, under-used development from the ‘60s and ‘70s – an area which could and should contribute much more to the city centre’s vitality.

Success will depend upon creating conditions for a wider range of housing, including accommodation for families requiring education and healthcare facilities, security, and a high standard of amenity; and on creating a commercially viable product once initial public investment has established the project.


St. George's North New Community, Leicester


The project (2002 master plan)

The masterplan proposals were based on comprehensive land acquisition, in a series of phases, to create large development plots around a linear park. Apartments would predominate on the city centre side and family housing on the outer side.


Development Framework 2004
In the light of rising developer interest and limited resources, the Framework, prepared by Lovejoy, suggests an approach based on more limited public interventions, but with strong urban design guidance for private sector and Housing Association development. A ‘pilot project’ will demonstrate proposed house types, which will comprise 3-6 storey ‘perimeter blocks’ around shared private open space. The public sector should lead on a phased programme of public space improvements, including enhancing Wharf St to link St Matthews with the city centre and providing local ‘pocket parks', and in providing a site for a school and community facilities. Combined with a strong urban design and planning framework for the rest of the area, this will enable most of the project to be delivered without further public investment.



Progress and Programme
The Development Framework and Supplementary Planning Guidance have been endorsed by LRC and adopted by Leicester City Council.

The public strongly supported the project during the recent consultation and several schemes are under discussion which will kick-start the New Community. Options are being evaluated for some early public realm improvements.





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