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Freedom of Information
Publication Scheme January 2005

LRC and the Freedom of Information Act?s requirements
LRC wishes to operate in a spirit of openness, and to comply with both the letter and spirit of the Act.

LRC?s public sector sponsor bodies, with their respective Publication Scheme addresses, are:

? English Partnerships www.englishpartnerships.co.uk/publicationscheme
? East Midlands Development Agency www.emda.org.uk/main/
? Leicester City Council www.leicester.gov.uk


Using LRC?s Publication Scheme
The LRC website contains substantial information on the projects which LRC is undertaking and on matters such as Board membership and governance arrangements. It is worth checking the availability of the required information on leicesterregeneration.co.uk as a first step. If you cannot find it there, check the listings below, and if these do not cover your requirements, please contact LRC direct and we will do our best to help.

? Unless otherwise indicated, all information is free of charge.

? Information can be obtained from LRC:
  > by writing to Leicester Regeneration Co, Halford House, Charles St, Leicester LE1 1HA
  > by telephoning
  > by email to

? Items marked * below are routinely available and can normally be supplied, without the formality of the written application referred to in the Act, by contacting LRC as above. Where indicated, they can be downloaded directly from LRC?s website at leicesterregeneration.co.uk

? Items marked ** are not published as a matter of routine, and written applications for them are invited in accordance with the Act.



Memorandum, Articles of Association and Members? Agreement *
These form the company?s ?constitution?, setting out its purposes and the formal principles of its organisation.

Newsletters and the report ?From Concept to Delivery? (Nov 2004) *

Business Plans
These set out LRC?s programme of activity on a rolling three-year basis, including requests to its public sector partners for resources and other forms of support.



Board Membership *
Published on the LRC website.

Register of Interests of Board Members and Executives*
This identifies business, professional or voluntary involvements of individuals in matters which overlap with LRC?s work, which individuals are consequently required to enter into a register. This is available for inspection, but as it includes maps showing any relevant ownership of land inspection at LRC?s office would be most practical.

Code of Conduct for Declarations of Interest*

This sets out LRC?s requirements of Board members and executives for placing information on the Register above, but also guiding conduct in relation to interests which involve commercial confidentiality and/or which arise during the course of a meeting. Published on the LRC website.

Minutes of Boards and sub-groups of the Board **
Minutes of meetings prior to the Act becoming operational, on January 1, 2005, are available by written request, as set out in the Act. Minutes subsequent to that date are published on the LRC website at leicesterregeneration.co.uk, clicking on ?Freedom of Information?. Board minutes are placed on the website once they have been approved at the following Board meeting as an accurate record ? normally a month later.

? View minutes of the Board Meeting 17/1/2005 (as PDF)
? View minutes of the Board Meeting 24/2/2005 (as PDF)
? View minutes of the Board Meeting 21/3/2005 (as PDF)
? View minutes of the Board Meeting 18/4/2005 (as PDF)
? View minutes of the Board Meeting 23/5/2005 (as PDF)
? View minutes of the Board Meeting 20/6/2005 (as PDF)
? View minutes of the Board Meeting 18/7/2005 (as PDF)
? No Board Meeting in August 2005
? View minutes of the Board Meeting 19/9/2005 (as PDF)
? View minutes of the Board Meeting 17/10/2005 (as PDF)
? View minutes of the Board Meeting 28/11/2005 (as PDF)
? View minutes of the Board Meeting 19/12/2005 (as PDF)

? View minutes of the Board Meeting 23/01/2006 (as PDF)
? View minutes of the Board Meeting 27/02/2006 (as PDF)
? View minutes of the Board Meeting 27/03/2006 (as PDF)
? View minutes of the Board Meeting 24/04/2006 (as PDF)
? View minutes of the Board Meeting 22/05/2006 (as PDF)
? View minutes of the Board Meeting 19/06/2006 (as PDF)

Re-election and recruitment of Board members **
This information covers the mechanisms for recruitment to the Board and is contained in a series of reports to the LRC Board and in related files.



Master Plan Report *
This is an extensive document setting out the aims and rationale for all LRC?s regeneration, and identifying the five Key Projects which form LRC?s programme. You can view the Masterplan as a PDF file by clicking here.

Development Frameworks *
Each of these takes a Key Project, suggested in the master plan, and interprets it in detail in terms of urban design, costings and method of delivery. There may be a charge- details on request.

Current Projects**
Information is available on request, but please note that some might be exempted from the requirements of the Act because of commercial or individual confidentiality. LRC is committed to making the maximum information available, and wherever possible such exclusions will be confined to situations where individual, commercially confidential site details can be identified, where commercial negotiations are in progress, or where information has been supplied to LRC on a confidential basis.



Job Vacancies*
These are generally advertised in Regeneration and Renewal, Planning, Estates Gazette and, where appropriate, in the Leicester Mercury. Details are normally provided on the LRC website.

Staff Structure*
This can be provided on request to LRC.

5. PRESS RELEASES* are normally available on the LRC website.