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LRC is one of the fifteen Urban Regeneration Companies. Our masterplan is in place, along with detailed delivery frameworks for the five ambitious projects which it identifies. Land assembly is well advanced, and we shall be seeking development partners for key projects this year. Two team members have achieved senior positions elsewhere, so we are restructuring our team for the demanding delivery phase which is now starting.

One of two such posts, you will deliver three complex and interesting large-scale regeneration projects. You will have an appropriate qualification and a strong track record in real delivery of such projects. Private sector development experience would be a strong advantage.


DEVELOPMENT MANAGER (£25,000-45,000)
A regeneration professional with several years’ experience to work on the detail of project delivery. A qualification such as RICS or RTPI is needed and experience of one or more of land buying. CPO and planning would be useful.


An opportunity for a professional in a regeneration-related field, possibly a couple of years after qualifying and seeking to gain experience in a major regeneration project.


We are flexible: outstanding skills and experience will be reflected within the salary ranges quoted. We offer permanent contracts, a performance award scheme, and a pension contribution.

Contact John Nicholls, Chief Executive on if you wish to discuss these posts. Applicants should forward a full CV by Friday 2nd April 2004 to or send by post to Leicester Regeneration Company, Charles Street, Leicester, LE1 1HA.

We expect interviews to take place the week commencing 19th April 2004.


Candidate Information

Dear Candidate

Thank you for your interest in one of the posts currently on offer at LRC. You will be joining us at a critical and exciting period in our task.

We are now two years into our main programme. A visionary but deliverable master plan has defined five major projects which, over the next ten years, will transform not only the appearance of parts of central Leicester but also the economy and image of the city as a whole. The general concepts for these projects have been detailed into a ‘Development Framework’ for each, providing details of urban design infrastructure, costs and delivery. Our public sector partners have embarked on an extensive programme of land assembly to enable us to deliver these projects, and during 2004 we are programmed to seek development partners for delivering all of these projects. The Frameworks for these projects will also be absorbed into the Council’s statutory plans this year, and will substantiate major transport resource bids and, if necessary, CPOs to complete lands assembly.

As you can see, we are therefore poised on the threshold of our main implementation stage. Three of our team have recently moved on to take up major opportunities elsewhere. We are pleased that their experience and reputation with LRC has enabled them to achieve this, and it gives us the opportunity to restructure our team and to secure the blend of skills which we now need for delivery. So if you have the ambition to make things happen on the ground in one of the most ambitious and complex regeneration programmes in the country, we look forward to hearing from you.

We can promise you a busy life, great interest, and the prospect of building a solid record of achievement in real implementation.

Yours sincerely

Neil Morris


Further Details and Key Tasks:

Development Director

Reporting to the Chief Executive, to carry direct responsibility for delivering specified major projects which form part of the LRC master plan

• To recommend, procure and manage any further consultant advice needed to deliver these projects

• To identify, negotiate and recommend to emda or EP, as appropriate, such land acquisitions as may be needed to deliver these projects, and to brief LRC’s Technical Director on site management and preparation requirements.

• To work with public sector partners to identify and secure Compulsory Purchase Orders where necessary.

• To lead on project appraisal for specified projects

• To lead on selecting development partners and negotiating development agreements to carry out these major projects, working with the Finance Director

• To oversee the submission of successful planning applications for the specified projects

• To work with the City Council’s planners to promote development which supports the master plan vision and to resist that which does not, to a high standard of urban design

• To contribute to LRC’s Business Plan, particularly on the cost and timescale of project delivery, and to manage the process to meet those timescales

• To provide accurate and timely monitoring information on the specified projects to the Technical Director and Finance Director

• To co-manage, with the other Development Director, the Development Manager(s) and Assistant(s)

• To manage effectively the working partnership between emda, the City Council, English Partnerships and other stakeholders to deliver the specified projects

• To ensure that implementation of the specified projects fully incorporates LRC’s objectives for maximising wider social and community benefit

• To assist in other regeneration activity within the LRC area and, along with all other team members, to contribute his/her particular skills and experience across all LRC projects

• To act as an ambassador for LRC to developers, stakeholders, the media and the wider community and to build a network and reputation among key players

• To enter contracts, authorise payments etc within the limits delegated to the post, following the appropriate procurement process advised by the technical Director

• LRC does not have an identified Deputy Chief Executive, but both Development Director posts will carry day to day responsibility, within their respective project areas, to act for the Chief Executive in his absence.

NOTE: The above is a generic list of Key Tasks applying to both the Development Director posts in the LRC team. The post currently on offer will be responsible for three major projects/activities:

• Regeneration of the city’s Waterside, re-connecting the city centre with its waterfront by reconfiguring the inner ring road and creating a new mixed-use, residential-led development around new water space.

• Creation of a New Community of between 1,500 and 2,500 homes in a run-down area on the fringes of the City Centre

• Both these projects will be undertaken working with English Partnerships, with which the post-holder will need to build a close working relationship. Both are key aims of the master plan (see LRC website) and both are the subject of detailed Development Frameworks which are currently in preparation through consultant teams. These are likely to be substantially completed before the appointee takes up the post.

• The third responsibility will be to manage an extensive programme of industrial relocations. LRC’s key project areas, particularly the two identified for this post, are in areas already occupied by numerous businesses in low-cost premises. It is clearly not LRC’s mission to destroy employment, so relocation of such businesses is a high priority. Relocation sites are under acquisition, and the post will involve close working with businesses, directly or through staff/consultants, to assist with this process.


Development Manager

• Under the management of the Development Directors, to define and carry out senior tasks required for the delivery of the five key projects in the master plan and for the programme of relocations

• These tasks are likely to include identifying and negotiating property acquisitions, including providing and/or procuring valuations; supervision of consultants carrying out further detailed work for LRC, such as design studies, site investigations, etc; property and project appraisals; negotiation of project funding with LRC’s public sector partners; public liaison and consultation; working with existing companies on their relocation requirements; and liaison with City Council planners on local plan matters, Supplementary Planning Guidance, the progressing of LRC’s own planning applications, and work on private sector planning applications both within and outside LRC’s key project areas.

• The precise mix of the above will depend on the skills blend of the person appointed and of the other members of the Development Team. LRC is flexible in its requirements for individual posts, as it aims to operate without tight demarcation between staff responsibilities, provided the team as a whole offers a comprehensive mix of the required skills.

Development Assistant

• Under the management of the Development Directors and Development Manager, to support the Development Team in a more junior capacity to cover all the areas of work specified for the Development Manager

• To work with the Technical Director to assemble and input the programme and project t management data required for LRC’s own purposes and those of its public sector funding partners. (Note: it is LRC’s intention to secure additional funding for this to be part of a separate post in due course)