Tighten Facial Skin

There are so many facelift procedures around now, the one stitch facelift, the silhouette, the brow lift, marionette lines etc.  You should research who is the best for facial surgery and go meet them.  What you are looking for is a surgeon who will not leave you with very visible distinctive scars on your face, brow, around the ear area.

Lift The Skin

Ideally, you want to consider getting the facelift that actually lifts the skin at the side of your face via one surgical incision.  They insert a tool that lifts the muscles that have naturally fallen over the years.  This may require repeat surgery after several years but its minimal facial surgery and this is just one example of what can be done.  Most individuals want the maximum result, best price and least amount of surgery time.  Nobody likes the thought of their skin being cut with a scalpel but if you pick the best surgeon (budget allowing) you will feel confident and happy.

We all develop frown lines, lines around our lips, under the eye area, on the eye lid and at the nose area.  These areas mentioned can be quite unforgiving, and its just a natural case of getting older.  The skin on an older lady cannot match or compete with the skin of a teenager.  Yes, its not as prone to skin problems ie. acne but it doesn’t have the same elasticity as youth naturally has.


Try not to get extensive facial surgery done, everyone has seen images in magazines where someone has just simply gone too far.  This could be that they have ignored advice from their surgeon, or they picked the wrong person for the job.

Always ask to see before and after images, the company we refer has a link on the home page of this blog.