Fatty Tissue

Everyone has areas or pockets of fat on their body that they want to be removed, if you can pinch an area of skin and it’s noticeable when you wear clothes, you could consider Liposuction.

Liposuction is very effective, it is seen immediately but it can be quite restrictive after surgery as your wounds need to heal.  We can recommend a top plastic surgery practice, CLICK HERE.  They have practices throughout the UK and are very good.

Overseas Cosmetic Surgery Practices

Yes, you can go overseas for a cheaper cost, but what happens when you come home and have questions.  If you get a treatment overseas, that means you cannot just pop into having a consultation with them, or if you have issues and you feel something isn’t quite right.

Feel Confident

As liposuction is altering the body shape, it’s worth saying that you need to give your body a chance to adapt.  It could be a full 6 months before you see the complete body transformation, we think you need to be aware of this so you can manage your own expectations.  The process is a surgical procedure and as such, you will need to heal from the operation.  If you feel you can be realistic and also exercise and eat healthily, this could be the perfect thing for you.


The cost can vary dramatically depending on what is involved.  First thing is to meet with a suitably qualified plastic surgeon and ask what they feel would be best for you to have done.  Beware of cheap offers and deals online, a good plastic surgeon will not have to go looking for work, they will have enough referrals and enquiries to convert into patients.  Some surgeons have areas of speciality i.e. breast augmentation etc.  Make sure to do your research before making a commitment to someone.