Breast Enlargement

Small Breasts

Having small breasts can feel like a curse for a lot of females in the world.  They see images in the media and in magazines where women have shaped breasts and most clothing items just grabbing the right body curves.

First of all, these images will have been photoshopped but you can tell when someone has had breast surgery unless you get the job done by a very good surgeon.  Please see the home page as we link through to the plastic surgeons we recommend.

Sculpt Your Body

The media can be quite cruel regarding what they feel we should look like, everyone is different.  It can be equally easy or hard to keep weight off, and this applies to the fat in the breast area.  It may be that you have lost weight and feel your breasts just sag now.  It may be that you simply need a breast augmentation procedure done, this is possibly reducing the fat in the breast area and re-balancing them to be in proportion to your body shape.

Are you wearing the correct sized bra?

First of all, make sure you are wearing the correct size of bra.  If you get a professional bra fitting, you will feel better, and probably look slimmer in the process.  A correct fitting bra will lift your breasts up and make you look amazing.  If you are wearing an ill-fitting bra then you can be sure to have droopy breasts and they will not enhance your appearance.

Is there a minimum size increase?

No, you should be realistic and have sought advice from your plastic surgeon.  There is absolutely no point in going from 1 extreme to another in the space of 1 surgery.  This would only draw attention to yourself that you may not want.  Aim to look as natural as possible.